Monday, March 29, 2010

So...I HAVE AN AGENT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I have a feeling some of you aren't surprised by this news. I have NOT done a very good job of keeping it secret--but it was HARD!  I had to wait almost three weeks from the time I got the email offering rep to the time I got the contract--do you know how long that is in Shannon years????

But yes--those of you who emailed me guessing what was going on (or those of you nodding your heads right now thinking, "I KNEW IT!")
I have an agent!

It's all signed and official...see:
(Yes, I had to do the obligatory "signing my contract" picture--it's a MUST!)

*pauses to jump up and down*

AND--as if that weren't amazing enough--she happens to be the agent who was at the top of my Wish List from the very beginning. An agent I admire so much--especially after meeting her at the conference--I'm still having a hard time believing it's true. But the contract doesn't lie, so I can now happily announce that I am repped by the uber-fabulous:

Laura Rennert with Andrea Brown Lit.

*Jumps up and down again*

I'm not going to rave too much about how amazing Laura is (because, well, she might be reading this and I'm not sure I need her knowing *quite* how much of a Fangirl I secretly am)--BUT, if you're curious about her you can read more about her here.

And yes, I'm aware that this means I have a certain deal to fulfill--but I'm not going to get into that today! (Don't worry, it's coming. I am nothing, if not a girl of my word. *grumbles about vlogging*)

I also have to give a little shout out to my husband, who has been SO patient and supportive this year, especially through the insanity of these last few months with my crazy revision schedule. Not only did he bring me flowers to celebrate my signing, he also gave me this:

(I have him well trained, don't I?)

Which turned out to be a new charm for my charm bracelet to commemorate the milestone. Apparently there are no book related charms, so he picked the envelope, since my Agency Agreement came in the mail. (Here's hoping Tiffanys releases a book related charm by the time I finally sell my book. Maybe I should send them a letter suggesting it...) ;)

And, I want to finish by taking a minute to thank you guys: my loyal, amazing blog followers. You've listened to me whine, cheered me on in your comments and emails--shoot, a couple of you became my CPs. Not to mention a certain Twitter Campaign, which will forever live in infamy. I'm not sure I could've reached this point if it weren't for all your support. So thank you. As an expression of my gratitude, I've used the last couple of weeks to assemble a contest of EPIC proportions! (no really, this one blows my other contests away!) Stop by tomorrow for all the details. I promise--you won't be disappointed. news is FINALLY announced!

Now, I'm off to happy dance and squeal and generally make a complete fool out of myself for a few minutes (good thing there's no one around to witness it) and then it's time to get started on Laura's editorial notes, which But it's okay, she's spot on--and I'm the queen of revision anyway. Plus...THIS REVISION IS FOR MY AGENT!