Wednesday, June 27, 2012

ALA--Shannon Style (sorta)

Okay, so this will NOT be as awesome as my BEA recap, partially because my brain is still SUPER exhausted from the chaos of ALA, but mostly because I um... forgot to take pictures of almost everything. So... yeah. SORRY.


So... there's that. :)

(Somehow I'm betting you find that slightly less exciting than I do...)

Anyway, I keep trying to figure out how to sum up ALA--since the pictures I'm about to show you most definitely will NOT do that for me. But I'm struggling a bit.

In some ways it was much more relaxed than BEA, since I didn't have to get on a plane or switch time zones or do scary panels where all eyes were on me, expecting me to sound smart. Mostly I just hung out with friends:

With my crit partner Sara McClung and blogger extraordinaire Sasha

Walked around the booths seeing publishing friends, chatting with librarians, and snatching up amazing ARCs to read:

(a sampling. I have more--and yes, that definitely means I have some awesome giveaways coming up, both on the blog and on Twitter)

And went to various mixers/meet-ups:

With Kiersten White and the adorable Sophia Chang, at the YALSA Mix and Mingle.

S&S did some KEEPER promo (you already saw the display in the booth) and gave out another huge tower of ARCs--which was gone in 15 minutes. (I still don't know how to wrap my head around that) So sorry to those of you who'd been hoping to get one and didn't. There will still be some given away at Comic Con--and S&S still has some mailings to do (and I have some contests up my sleeve) so all hope is not lost! And THANK YOU for your amazing support and enthusiasm. You make me feel way cooler than I deserve to feel (especially those of you who stopped me at the booth and had me sign your ARCs. That was too surreal for words). 

And... that's pretty much it. I mean, I did LOTS more fun things and hung out with lots more amazing people--and went to the awesome S&S party on Saturday night, but... without pictures it all just feels like name dropping, which... *yawn*

OH! But there was THIS:

 I FINALLY MET LILA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

There are absolutely not enough exclamation marks to convey how exciting it was to finally meet Lisa and Laura Roecker. I've been following their blog since 2009 (!!!!) AND we plan WriteOnCon together so we have literally exchanged thousands of emails. And now we have FINALLY met in person! And they were every bit as hilarious and gorgeous as I knew they would be.

Sadly, we only got to visit for about 15 minutes. But it was EPIC. Here's hoping we meet again soon!

And sadly, that's the last of my pictures. Like I said at the beginning, I was a bit of a fail this time when it came to photographs. So I guess I'll stop here.

I have another post percolating on how bizarre this whole debut-author thing truly is--but I think that's a subject best left for when my brain is working a wee bit better. For now, I need to rest up, and then get cracking on this revision. Bring it on KEEPER Book 2--YOUR TIME HAS FINALLY COME!

Friday, June 22, 2012

Where's Shannon--The ALA Edition!

Yes, that's right--I've only barely recovered from BEA and yet I'm off again for a weekend in Anaheim at ALA.

THANKFULLY, my schedule is muuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuch less hectic this time, and involves no, "Shannon doing scary official things she could easily screw up." So phew--I might actually get to relax this time! (well... as much as I'm capable of relaxing...)

I can confirm that S&S WILL be giving out KEEPER OF THE LOST CITIES ARCs at booth 2600-2601 (more info on what giveaways they'll be doing can be found HERE).

As for me, I'll mostly be wandering the exhibit floors and would love to say hi if you spot me--don't be shy. I'm also happy to sign any ARCs. And I'll have pretty bookmarks with me!!! (also, warning: I get OBLIVIOUS in crowds, so please don't take it personally if I walk right past you. Just throw an ARC at my head).

I'm also *planning* to be at the following evening meet-ups--for at least part of the time:

The Middle Grade Meet-Up
Friday, June 22nd 7:30 PM 
Hilton Anaheim Lobby

YALSA Mix and Mingle
Saturday, June 22nd, 5:00 PM
Mortons, Anaheim

The Great YA Blogger Meet-up
Saturday, June 23rd 8:00 PM
Degrees Wine and Patio Bar at the Marriott

Hopefully the convention center will have better cell service than the Javits and I will be able to Tweet and FB more updates. Either way, expect a full report when I'm back next week--along with some contests for the awesome ARCs I manage to grab.

In the meantime, have a great weekened!

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

BEA Shannon Style!

It's highly possible that I'm the last person in the blogosphere to do a BEA recap--but even a few days later I'm still trying to process the absolutely amazing experience.

I wish I had taken more pictures, but thanks to my hectic schedule I didn't have a lot of time. So here's a few of my favorites--some of which I've shamelessly stolen from Twitter/FB (so if one of these was taken by you, THANK YOU!), and I'm posting them in order, so you can sort of feel like you're reliving it all with me (and warning, I did a LOT, so this will be a LONG post! Brace yourself).

After an awesome afternoon of real NY pizza (SO GOOD) and a matinee of NEWSIES (EVEN BETTER) I headed to the Hudson Terrace for the S&S Teen Blogger Preview, a private YA-related event featuring me, Lenore Appelhans, Jenny Han, Tonya Hurley, Carmen Rodrigues, and Siobhan Vivian--all of whom were every bit as lovely, funny, and amazing as you'd expect them to be.

I wish we'd taken a group shot of all of us, but instead all I have is photos of me during my interview time:

Jenny asked the BEST questions and made the event so much fun--even if I did totally mishear her at one point and answer that I wanted to marry Nagini (the evil snake from Harry Potter) (yeah... don't ask--it was a total Shannonfail).

I've been to dozens and dozens of these kind of events, so it was SO SURREAL to be on the "author" side of the experience, waiting in the green room, being up on stage--oh, and this:

The GORGEOUS display S&S did behind the bar with all of our covers. I still have a hard time believing that one of those is MY COVER for MY BOOK with MY NAME. It's kind of amazing I didn't jump over the bar and hug it.

S&S also gave out goody bags with all of our ARCs, plus the coolest LET THE SKY FALL swag EVER:

It's a battery powered fan WITH A WIND PUN ON THE LABEL!!!! I <3 S&S so much.

The day started cold and rainy, so I spent the morning racing to Macys to find tights to go with my dress so I wouldn't freeze that night. Then it was off to the S&S Building to meet with Liesa Abrams, my editor--and to meet even more of my amazing S&S team:

Then we walked to the New York Grand Central Library where I got to be on a panel with Brandon Mull, Rebecca Stead, and John Stephens, and spent most of the time thinking HOW DID I GET HERE??? To say I've been fangirling those amazing authors for years is a bit of an understatement, and to get to sit with them like an equal was definitely one of those *moments*.  Alas, I have no pictures of it, but I have plenty of memories to make up for it.

After that, I got to have a nice, relaxing dinner with Laura Rennert, my incredible agent, and Lara Perkins, her lovely and insightful assistant--which I ALSO don't have pictures of because they came out blurry--but that just means we'll have to re-create the experience again next year. ;)

This was the day I'd been most nervous for. Not only did I have a LOT of things on my itinerary--but it was also the day they would be giving away these:

I'm told there were two of these towers, but I never actually saw them (my marketing manager emailed me this pic the night before). By the time I got to the Javits they were nothing more than strange patterns in the carpet. I'm told they were gone in about 20 minutes. I don't even know how to wrap my head around that.

My morning started with my first ever KEEPER OF THE LOST CITIES signing in the autographing area, and I was SO SCARED that no one was going to come to my line. So you can imagine my surprise when I was waiting in the green room and the woman in charge came over to congratulate me on how insanely long my line was. It's AMAZING I didn't start crying right there.

Instead, I followed her in a daze to my table covered in KEEPER ARCs, with a line so long I couldn't see the end of it. Sadly, I couldn't get a picture of the full line, but these sort of give you some slight perspective on the experience:

And my favorite picture from the whole week:
Getting to sign my middle grade novel to an actual middle grade reader--THAT, my friends, is what we call, THE DREAM. 

Even more surreal was that THEY HAD TO CAP MY LINE. I have no idea how many books I signed, but I know it was enough to make my wrist tired. And I only messed up one!

After that I rushed back to the S&S booth to sign another box of ARCs, and then it was time to grab a quick coffee with my agent and editor--the first time all three of us met up in person. We took pics, but none of them came out so I won't share. Thankfully we tried again on Thursday, which I'll get to in a minute.

I had a welcome break for an hour--which I spent with Sara McClung, CP Extraordinaire and general lifesaver--and then it was time for the Apocalypsies event--which was WAY bigger than I'd ever imagined. Look at all of these amazing authors:

I wish I had a picture of how packed the room was, but alas, I haven't found one (though I'm SURE some are out there). All  I know is that I signed what felt like a billion of these super cool dance cards:

After that, it was off to an S&S Cocktail party where I got to mingle with people like Robin Wasserman, Matt Myklusch, T.R. Burns, Jo Whittemore (who was so sweet, she brought me candy!), and James Dashner and TRY not to reveal myself for the crazy fangirl I am. Then I had a late dinner with my editor and it was FINALLY time to go back to my hotel to get some rest for the next day.

I didn't spend long at the Javits, but I did stop by so I could personally thank Becca Fitzpatrick for blurbing LET THE SKY FALL and saw her HAWT cover:

And then I went to Shake Shack for lunch with my publicist. I had a few hours to myself that afternoon, so I went and explored Central Park a bit, and then changed and met my editor back at the Javits for the (Mostly) Silent Children's Auction, where I got to spend the evening with all kinds of cool industry people.

It was pouring rain when I left, but I didn't even mind because my editor and I walked together, and she was far too adorable with her Batman Umbrella. (And I'll save the story about the creepy old guy who tried to hit on both of us for another day.) :)

The last day of BEA and the day of my most intimidating panel: on the Uptown Stage with industry legends Sharon Creech, Judith Viorst, and Lauren Oliver:

I'd been more than a little worried that these amazing ladies would look at me like, how did YOU end up on this panel???? (and I wouldn't have even blamed them!) But they were so sweet and smart and funny and made me feel right at home with them!

Afterward there was an informal signing of some KEEPER ARCs

And then I FINALLY got the picture I'd been wanting since I sold my books last May. Me, flanked by my agent and editor, the lovely Laura Rennert and Liesa Abrams:

After that I went back to the S&S booth to say goodbye to everyone, and I had another of those surreal moments when one of my all time favorite authors was there with his wife, and they took an ARC of KEEPER and had me sign it to their daughter!!! (Crazy, CRAZY surreal). Then that night I had dinner with some amazing book people--some of whom had already read KEEPER and told me they loved it. So you could definitely say my BEA experience ended on a high.

I made one last trip back to S&S to record a podcast with Matt Myklusch for The Other Side of the Story, which will air closer to KEEPER's release (and should be interesting, given how hoarse my voice was at that point):

I spent the rest of the day soaking up what little of NY I could, then packed up and flew home the next morning, where I've been battling jet-lag ever since.

Phew--you guys still with me? *taps on the computer screen*

I know, it was a LOT. And like I said at the beginning of this post, I'm honestly still trying to process all of that amazingness. Every single moment of last week was equal parts nerve-wracking, exciting, and humbling. But I guess the feeling that lingers the most is gratitude. 

I am so incredibly thankful for my awesome team at S&S who made it all possible, for the fabulous authors who treated me like an equal, for time I got to spend with my agent and editor, and for all the people who took the time to come to my events/signings. THANK YOU for making last week a total dream come true.

I have no idea what the rest of this crazy roller coaster ride toward launch is going to be like, but I can definitely say this--if BEA is any indication, it's going to be AWESOME. 

Sunday, June 3, 2012

Where's Shannon: The BEA Edition!

Pretty sure you guys know this by now, but if you need me, I'm not here. 

I'M IN NEW YORK FOR BEA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

(Hee. Can you tell I'm EXCITED????)

Not only have I never been to NY before, but thanks to my amazing publicity team at S&S I have a CRAZY-awesome schedule. If any of you are going to be there, here's some of the places where you can find me:
Sunday 6/3: I'll be on a panel with Lenore Appelhans, Jenny Han, Tonya Hurley, Carmen Rodrigues, and Siobhan Vivian at the S&S Teen Blogger party, talking about LET THE SKY FALL, among other things. (this event is invitation only, so you know who you are if you're going). 
Monday, 6/4, 5:00 pm NY Grand Central Library: I'll be on a panel with fellow middle grade authors Brandon Mull, John Stephens, and Rebecca Stead. (yeah, I'm as amazed as you.) Event information is HERE
Tuesday, June 5th, 10:30 am - 11:00 am: I'll be signing ARCs of KEEPER OF THE LOST CITIES in the Javits autographing area, booth 8. You can find details on that HERE.  
Tuesday, June 5th, 3:00 pm - 5:00 pm: The Apocalypsises: Meet the authors of 2012's Must Reads.  Javits Center: Room 1E02/1E03. Details on who will be there and why you want to stop by can be found HERE.   
Wednesday, June 6th, 5:00 pm - 8:00 pm: ABFFE's (Mostly) Silent Children's Art Auction. Details are HERE.
Thursday June 7th from 11am - 11:30 am: I'll be on a panel with Sharon Creech, Lauren Oliver, and Judith Viorst discussing "Writing Strong Female Characters in Middle Grade Fiction" in the Javits on the Uptown Stage. More details can be found HERE. And I'm told I'll be signing KEEPER OF THE LOST CITIES ARCs afterward. 

Insane schedule, right???? 

Hope to see some of you guys there!!! (and PLEASE don't take it personally if I don't recognize you--I am SO bad at that!!!)

Anyway, with all that craziness I naturally won't have time to blog. But I promise an update--hopefully with photos--as soon as I'm back (and recovered from the chaos). And I'll try to tweet/FB updates throughout the week so keep an eye out for those.

And--this probably doesn't come as a surprise--but I won't have time to put together the MMGM links this week. (I know, SORRY) But here's a list of the people who've participated in the past few weeks, so they'll probably be participating again. Feel free to check out their blogs and see what they're talking about: